The Bundt Pan Revisited

overshot cornmeal olive oil cake

It’s round with a fluted top and a hole in the middle. It can transform a first-time baker’s cake into a masterpiece.    It even got a shout out in the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding” when Andrea Martin’s character Aunt Voula placed a potted plant in its middle.

 I’m talking about the bundt (or Bundt) pan, that decorative take on the tube pan that can turn the most basic cake into a work of edible art.
red velvet 10

Humble beginnings

The Nordic Ware Co. brought the bundt pan in to the American kitchen. The 71-year-old Minneapolis-based company was founded by husband-and-wife team David and Dotty Dalquist. The couple’s basement served as Nordic Ware’s first headquarters.

The first products produced were specialty Scandinavian cookware items like the rosette and krumkake irons. But it was the introduction of the bundt pan in the early 1950s that transformed the company.

Two local women approached the company seeking a lightweight alternative to the heavy cast-iron bundkuchen pan. In response, the company created the bundt pan. They also trademarked the name. Just as slow cookers are often referred to as the trademarked name Crockpot Crock-Pot, fluted tube cake pans are almost always referred to as bundt pans.

The beauty of the Bundt pan is in the design. The hole in the middle actually makes the cake bake more evenly than it does in a traditional cake pan. You won’t find any undercooked areas in the middle of a bundt cake.

Sweet, Savory and “Something for the Birds!”

Don’t limit your Bundt caking to just the sweet side.   Though a Bundt cake makes a terrific crowd-pleasing ending to any meal, this versatile pan can be used to create savory offerings as well.   You can even make something to make your feathered friends happy by forming birdseed into a decorative wreath, ready to hang in your yard.

Here are some recipes, from sweet to savory, the get you started on your Bundt cake experience!

overshot cornmeal olive oil cake

Cornmeal and Olive Oil Cake


Close up whiskey cake

Bourbon Bittersweet Chocolate Bundt Cake

pasta cooked in bundt pan

Bundt Pan Spagetti Pie




Bird Seed Bundt Wreath

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