Grilled Pizza


Don’t want to turn on the oven but feel like homemade pizza?   Try the outdoor grill!

Use my pizza crust recipe (click here) or one of your own favorites.  Myrecipe has instructions on how to make the crust in the oven, but follow the directions below to make it on an outdoor grill.

Pizza Toppings

pizza sauce
fresh mozzarella
black pitted olives
fresh basil

To make pizza crust on an outside grill -
Prepare your coals in an “indirect heat” method (have the coals on the outside of the grill so that flames don’t burn the dough.)   Roll dough into rounds, using a bit of cornmeal so it doesn’t stick to your work area.   Have your grill ready along with all of your pizza toppings.

Roll the dough loosely around a rolling pin (to transport the crust) then “unroll” it quickly onto the grill.    Now that the dough is on the grill, brush the side that is face up with some olive oil.  Check on the bottom of the dough often, and when it is deeply golden, flip the dough.  Brush the grilled top with a little olive oil.

Get the toppings on quickly. With the recipe above I use a little tomato pizza sauce, fresh mozzarella and black olives. (but feel free to use your own topping ideas).

Brush a thin layer of tomato sauce across the pizza, then dot with mozzarella and black olives.  Put cover on for a few minutes to melt the cheese.   Remove carefully using a pizza peel if you have one, or several large spatulas and transferring to a wood cutting board.   Sprinkle with fresh basil.

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