Cooking with mushrooms!


The spring issue of Edible Door Magazine is out!   Don’t miss my article on growing mushrooms.    I am including information on both table top mushroom kits as well as growing your mushrooms on logs in your backyard.

Fruiting shiitake mushroom tabletop kit for, Field and Forest Products

Growing mushrooms in your own home is easy!   A table top mushroom kit, like the shiitake mushroom kit shown above, works perfect for an apartment or condo dweller that has limited access to a backyard.  

A table top mushroom kit is a great start for a novice mushroom grower. These compact kits are inexpensive and provide quick results. Field and Forest Products sells tabletop kits for a variety of mushroom types including shiitakes, oyster, king trumpet and reishi along with the more common white mushroom and crimini.  

A good place to start shopping for mushroom-growing paraphernalia is Field and Forest Products. Husband and wife team, Mary Ellen Kozak and Joe Krawczyk, started their company more than 30 years ago.   “We create all of our own kits with the exception of white mushroom and crimini which are made by River Valley Ranch out of Burlington, Wisconsin,” Kozak said. “Everything is certified organic and made of resources that recreate the woods.”

“All you need is a mushroom kit, a dinner plate and a plant misting bottle. The easiest mushroom to start with is the shiitake. They will grow in 7 to 10 days. You can usually get two fruitings from one kit.”

Once you start growing these delicious fungi, you won’t want to stop with just one type.   Branch out from shiitake and try some oyster or trumpet mushrooms.

Here are some mushroom recipes you may want to try……

Close up Herb ricotta and roasted mushroom arugula crostini

Wild Mushroom Crostini with Basil Ricotta

Click here for a YouTube Video to prepare this dish!


Shiitake Mushroom Rockefeller


Warm Wild Mushroom Salad with Hazelnuts

Roasted wild mushrooms 2

Simple Roasted Wild Mushrooms


A variety of mushrooms from Field and Forest Products

Shiitakes fruiting on a log-2

Shiitake mushrooms fruiting on a log

King trumpet mushroom kit

King Trumpet Mushroom Table Top Kit

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