Cherries, Cherries Everywhere……….


slide-ripe-cherries-on-treeIt’s that once a year time…..cherry season!

In Door County, the season extends about three weeks.   Southern Door trees are first to be picked followed by trees on the Green Bay side of the peninsula and concluding with trees closer to the Lake Michigan side.

Take advantage of those fresh edible ruby-red delights by creating one of the following recipes using Door County’s Montmorency sour cherries.    A great way to savor cherries throughout the year is to make a big batch of cherry ketchup and can it.   Open a jar up in the middle of winter and indulge your taste buds with a burst of summer cherry flavors!


Cherry Ketchup Recipe


Cherry Clafouti Recipe


Nectarine and Cherry Salsa Recipe


Bumbleberry Pie Recipe

Try a different version of a cherry pie with this bumbleberry pie recipe.   Cherries are added to a mixture of blackberries,
raspberries and strawberries to make this delicious double-crusted pie.


Plum and Cherry Tart


Pinot Noir Cherry Soup

This is a terrific first course or a dessert.  As a dessert, top the soup with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or lemon sorbet.


Duck Breast with Pomegranate Cherry Red Wine Reduction

This sauce is also terrific with pork tenderloin or with chicken

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