Celebration Spring Supper

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Spring has finally sprung!   Time to get all of your family and friends out of hibernation and into the dining room to enjoy a special Spring celebration dinner.   This delicious menu also is terrific as an Easter buffet.  (Find my story with additional recipes in the front page of the April 9, 2017 Milwaukee Journal Sentinel food section)

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Spring Pea and Preserved Lemon Mash Crostini

For starters, wow your guests with a bright green crostini made with smashed spring peas and preserved lemons.   Although preserved lemons are easy to make, they do take about 6 weeks in the frig before they are ready.  Luckily many specialty food stores carry this delicious tart Moroccan culinary treats.

herbs de provence salmon 7

Roast Salmon with Herbes de Provence Bread Crumb Coating

For a change of pace from the traditional lamb or ham spring dinner, try your hand at preparing a delicious roast salmon.    Roasting the fish makes it easy to prepare for a large group.   The addition of herbes de Provence (a French blend of savory, thyme, rosemary, basil and lavender) adds a nice crunch to the dish.


Spring Easter Egg Nest Cake

Finish off the meal with a stunning dessert – a spring Easter egg nest cake.    A simple white cake with white buttercream is transformed into a spring showpiece complete with an edible nest made with green candy straw and filled with speckled malted milk ball eggs.   Who knew that edible Easter grass existed?   I found mine in the Easter candy section of my local Walmart.   It even came with cut-out edible bunnies.

Wishing you and your family all the best for a delicious spring supper.   Bon Appetite!

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