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  1. diane says:

    Used a store bought marinara sauce as a base to make a large quantity of sauce, added home grown tomatoes, garlic, onions, wine, sugar, and spices. The sauce still has too much of an oregano and tomato paste flavor. What would help to decrease those flavors?
    Thank you.

    • Chef Terri says:

      Perhaps try a different marinara sauce. Sounds like the one you are using as a base must be heavy in oregano and perhaps thick (because you said it tastes like tomato paste). I tend to use canned tomatoes, drained, as a base and add the home grown tomatoes, etc. Some stores even sell these in large restaurant-style cans. You can break up the tomatoes with a potato masher then add your other ingredients, using some of the drained tomato juice to add to the sauce to thin it out. Then you can control the spices.

  2. Thomas McDaniel says:

    Chef my question has to do with product weight. Do you know why asparagus comes in 11 pound boxes?

    • Chef Terri says:

      Great question and the answer is I have no idea! Tried to do some research but didn’t find out anything. If you ever find out, let me know!
      Chef Terri Milligan

  3. saurabh says:

    Hello chef! My question is what should be used as gluten in a pizza dough and what should be the ratio? If you can also help me with your recipe of pizza dough,that will be great.

    • Chef Terri says:

      Hello. I have a recipe for my pizza dough on my website http://www.chefterrimilligan. Simply type in Pizza and it will come up. Gluten is actually an element that is developed in the flour based on the amount of protein in flour….you would not add it to anything. The yeast in the recipe helps develop the gluten.

      Regular flour and bread flour have a higher degree of the protein that develops gluten, thus they are used for breads. Pastry flour and cake flour have less protein so the product make from these flours will be lighter and softer in texture. Hope that helps!

  4. Lucy says:

    I want to make a beef wellington using a try tip roast,do you think this would work? All the recipes I read making beef wellington look too rare for my guest,so I’m thinking a fattier, tastier piece of meat would be better.

    • Chef Terri says:

      Beef Wellington is usually made with tenderloin as it is the most tender cut of meat. A tip roast might prove too tough. Have you tried to presear your wellington meat prior to wrapping it in the puff pastry? This would precook the meat more if you don’t like such a rare wellington. Remember to use a meat thermometer to test the internal temperature of your final wellington. Stick the thermometer into the center of the wellington and take the temp of the meat in the middle. For medium rare,it will ready 125 to 130. For medium 135 – 140 For medium well 145 – 150 and for well done 155 to 160. Hope this helps you out.

  5. kathy says:

    Could you give me the nutritional information on both the salad dressing and the finished salad. Thank you. It sounds delicious.

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